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Can a metal roof be installed over existing shingles?

We’re often asked whether it’s possible to install a standing seam metal roof over an existing shingle roof. The short answer is yes; but here are a few things to consider. Installing a metal roof over existing asphalt roofing reduces waste. Horch Roofing is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of roofing waste in Maine […]

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Reasons for Snow Guards on Metal Roofs

For homeowners in regions prone to heavy snowfalls, the architectural decisions they make can directly impact the safety and energy efficiency of their homes. One of the crucial considerations in snowy locales like Coastal Maine is the choice of roofing material and added safety features. One type that offers many advantages but also poses unique […]

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Metal roofs are built to withstand Maine’s high winds

Strong winds and a beautifully rugged coast have earned Maine the reputation for having some of the best sailing conditions in the world. But these same winds can wreak havoc on your home’s roof during our intense, wind-laden rain and snow storms. Having a standing seam metal roof professionally installed helps to ensure a homeowner’s […]

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