expert standing seam metal roofing installation in south portland and coastal maine

Sturdy Metal Roofing in South Portland & across Coastal Maine

Precision-fabricated standing seam panels, handcrafted on-site for the best fit & superior performance.

Elevate your property with modern & long-lasting standing seam metal roofing

Characterized by its elevated seams, metal roofing marries a sleek design with impressive longevity and stands as one of the expertise areas of Horch Roofing. With a team of seasoned specialists and by relying on top-of-the-line equipment, we ensure meticulousness in every standing seam metal roof installation and associated services.

Since 2003, Horch Roofing has been refining its techniques, ensuring each project embodies a commitment to precision and excellence. Proudly offering standing seam metal roofing in South Portland and extending to Portland, Brunswick, Scarborough, Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth, Freeport, Warren, Camden, Rockland, Rockport, Damariscotta, St. George, and Bristol, we are Coastal Maine’s trusted experts.

Metal Roof

Reliable option for metal roofing in South Portland & Coastal Maine

  • Acclaimed industry qualifications
  • Detail-oriented & timely execution
  • Top-shelf materials
  • In-depth project support & guidance
  • Full commitment to your satisfaction

Experience a seamless process of metal roof installation

Initial contact, site visit & proposal

Our estimator makes sure all communication is prompt and contacts you within 24 hours to schedule a site visit and discuss your project. During these one-hour visits, you can expect the estimator to cover all the vital aspects of the project, such as product options, site evaluation, measurements, photos, and proposal expectations.

Final contract & production packet

In order to schedule your project, we need your color selection, signed contract, as well as a deposit of 20%. Once you meet all the prerequisites, our estimator begins compiling the finalized production packet, complete with materials, photos, and final contract which they hand over to production in order to schedule the project with your assigned contractor.

Packet review, materials & scheduling

After finalizing your project, our production team will evaluate all the details and order materials, carefully coordinating everything with you to ensure you have correct scheduling expectations. Once we complete all preparation steps, we’ll finalize the start date for your standing seam metal roofing project in South Portland.

Installation & project completion

The Foreman or Project Manager will initiate customer interaction, prepare your property, and ensure maximum safety, quality, as well as adequate installation of your new standing seam metal roof. All this is followed by a comprehensive cleanup of your property and a final inspection upon the completion of your project.

The go-to metal roofing contractors in South Portland & Coastal Maine

While the industry is highly competitive, the dedication to safety, impeccable craftsmanship, and superior customer relationships help our metal roofing services in South Portland stand out. Dive deeper to learn more about our devotion to these core values.

Ensuring the well-being of our crew and your property is non-negotiable. To guarantee this, we put our employees through rigorous checks, topped off with a comprehensive 10-hour OSHA Safety course.
By merging the strength of premium materials with the precision of modern tools, we aim to deliver metal roofing that’s both visually impressive and incredibly enduring. We choose quality in each step of the process.
Our ethos revolves around not just building metal roofing in South Portland, but also building trust. By being in tune with your needs and ensuring transparent communication, we keep you at the heart of our operations.

Area of service

  • South Portland
  • Portland
  • Brunswick
  • Scarborough
  • Falmouth
  • Cape Elizabeth
  • Freeport
  • Warren
  • Camden
  • Rockland
  • Rockport
  • Damariscotta
  • St. George
  • Bristol

Choose a variety of services in South Portland & Coastal Maine besides metal roofing

Choose dependable metal roofing contractors in South Portland & the Coastal Maine area

In the world of roofing craftsmanship, as trusted metal roofing contractors, Horch Roofing skillfully combines time-honored traditions and cutting-edge innovations in all work. Although our team members have diverse experiences and backgrounds, we share a commitment to uncompromising safety, unwavering dedication to quality, and a steadfast pursuit of respect.

The criteria for joining our ranks are stringent, ensuring that each individual embodies our core principles. This standard is not just a protocol, it’s the means by which Horch Roofing ensures each project transcends just construction, fostering lasting relationships with customers and crafting durable elegance with each new metal roof installation in South Portland.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the advantages of metal roofing?

    Metal roofing masterfully melds enduring durability with a refined aesthetic touch. Additionally, its reflective qualities reduce heat transfer into the attic, which adds to energy efficiency. When you partner with Horch Roofing for metal roof installation, whether in South Portland or other Coastal Maine areas, you’re selecting a solution underscored by robust materials. This choice not only guarantees longevity but also adds a touch of elegance to your property.

  • What goes underneath a metal roof?

    Beneath metal roofing, there’s typically an underlayment that acts as a protective barrier. This layer provides additional insulation, mitigates sound transmission, and shields against potential moisture intrusion, ensuring your roof’s optimum performance and longevity.

  • Can I install a metal roof myself?

    While it’s not impossible to embark on a DIY metal roof installation, the nature of the task suggests caution. The complexities of achieving proper alignment, ensuring watertight seals, and navigating potential underlayment complications, not to mention the inherent risks of working at heights, make it a risky endeavor for the inexperienced.

    By hiring Horch Roofing as your experienced metal roofing contractors in South Portland or elsewhere across Coastal Maine, these intricacies are proficiently addressed, maximizing the roof’s potential and safeguarding your investment.

  • What is the upkeep on a metal roof?

    Metal roofing is known for its minimal maintenance demands. While its robust nature and resistance to elements make frequent extensive upkeep unnecessary, you should still invest in occasional cleaning and periodic checks. Even after we’re finished with your metal roof installation, you can count on us to keep maintaining your roof in excellent condition.

  • Who are the most trustworthy metal roofing contractors near me in South Portland & across Coastal Maine?

    Horch Roofing is not just another name in the industry, but a symbol of excellence with 20 years of dedicated service. With a precision-based method honed over the years, and by relying on safety, unparalleled quality, and fostering enduring customer relationships as the main pillars, Horch Roofing aims for nothing short of the best. Aside from metal roof installations, you can count on Horch Roofing for stunning and enduring asphalt roofing setups, climate-resistant EPDM rubber roofing solutions, and many other services.

    Whether your property provides panoramic views of the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse or is comfortably situated near the picturesque Bug Light Park, we’ve got you covered. Horch Roofing is your trusted ally in all things metal roofing in South Portland and across the vast terrains of Coastal Maine – touching Portland, Brunswick, Scarborough, Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth, Freeport, Warren, Camden, Rockland, Rockport, Damariscotta, St. George, and Bristol.