What to Expect from your Workmanship Warranty

Limited Workmanship Warranty Agreement

Horch Roofing Inc. will warranty against defects in workmanship for the installed roofing system as follows: Commencing upon substantial completion date of roofing installation for a period of 5 years Horch Roofing will repair roofing system workmanship failures. Horch Roofing will make necessary repairs to the roof system to make the roof weathertight again. Warranty is limited and the following terms and conditions apply.

Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions:

  1. This warranty will be fully satisfied by repair of the roofing system, any such repairs shall be subject to this limited warranty against leaks only for the remaining balance of the original 5-year warranty period. Horch Roofing Inc total cumulative liability under this 5-year warranty is limited to the original contract price for roofing material and labor (this warranty does not cover any additional products purchased)
  2. Horch Roofing Inc shall in no event hold any liability for indirect or consequential damages, damage or loss to owners building, its contents or other materials, or claims from third parties, resulting from ANY cause whatsoever including leaks in the roofing system.
  3. If upon Horch Roofing inspection, Horch Roofing determines leak is caused by defects in workmanship, roofing system repair obligations shall arise in accordance with terms in this contract. If the leaking is caused by another part of the building Horch Roofing carries no liability for repair work.
  4. Horch Roofing Inc shall hold no leak liability or responsibility in connection or due to the following.
    • Failure in the roofing system due to manufacture defects. Any warranty issues under this category will be subject to manufacturer warranty of installed roofing systems.
    • Deterioration due to marine (salt water) atmosphere or by regular spray of either salt or freshwater.
    • Any roof failures covered under additional roof warranties purchased from Horch Roofing or roofing manufacture.
    • Exposure to corrosive chemicals or substances either contained, generated or released form inside the building or neighboring properties. This includes condensation of chemicals inside of the building on the underside of the roof.
    • Worker traffic on the roof, other than that caused by Horch Roofing.
    • Hail, fire, lightning, hurricane, tornado, earthquakes, any acts of god, or damages from high wind.
    • Leaking due to standing water on roof due to snow/ice, tree debris or any other causes.
    • Alterations such as, but not limited to structures, fixtures, or utilities placed upon or attached to the roof without prior written consent of Horch Roofing or any repairs not performed by Horch Roofing.
    • Faulty building design or construction.
    • Birds, vermin, rodents, insects, or other animals or pests.
    • Settlement, failure or cracking of roof deck, walls, foundation of building, or building structure.
    • Any defects in materials or paint systems are not covered under this warranty. And fall under the manufacturer’s warranty of installed products.
    • Any other cause beyond the control of Horch Roofing Inc.

Notice of Claims and General Provisions

Horch Roofing Inc must be notified within 48 hours of the first signs of leaking, all claims must be submitted in writing to Horch Roofing Inc within 30 days of discovery of leaks in the roofing system. Failure of the owner to do so shall relieve Horch Roofing Inc. of any and all responsibility and/or liability. If after inspection by Horch Roofing it is determined that the leak is caused by workmanship in accordance with this warranty, the roofing system shall be repaired in accordance with this warranty. Such work will be completed within a reasonable period of time.

During the term of this warranty Horch Roofing shall have free access to roof/property during regular business hours. Owner may request up to 24-hour notice before arrival (Horch Roofing will provide a date for repairs but can not give a set time for work) additional visits may be necessary to complete repairs.

This document constitutes the entire warranty made by Horch Roofing. No modifications or amendments of this warranty shall be binding unless made in writing and signed by an authorized representative. The terms, conditions and provisions contained in this warranty may only be waived only in writing by Horch Roofing. No oral statements shall be considered as change to this warranty.

Warranty is tendered for the sole benefit of the owner of property that is nontransferable or assignable.

Horch Roofing shall have no obligation under the terms of this warranty unless all invoices have been paid in full by or on behalf of the building owner.