Day: August 16, 2021

Can a metal roof be installed over existing shingles?

We’re often asked whether it’s possible to install a standing seam metal roof over an existing shingle roof. The short answer is yes; but here are a few things to consider. Installing a metal roof over existing asphalt roofing reduces waste. Horch Roofing is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of roofing waste in Maine […]

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Want your roof to be recycled? 16 Million pounds recycled and counting!

In April 2010, Horch Roofing founder, Peter Horch, made a decision that 100% of his company’s roofing waste material would be recycled. In 2018, Horch Roofing reached a momentous recycling milestone of 10 million pounds of roofing waste that will not end up in a local, Maine landfill. As of summer 2021, Horch Roofing has […]

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