What is the process for requesting a proposal?
One of our professional crew members will come to your home to discuss your roofing or gutter project. They will assess any damage that may have occurred to your existing roof in order to determine the cost of the project. You will receive a proposal from us within 48 hours of our estimate.

Are estimates free?
Yes, estimates are free. We try to be prompt returning calls, measuring your roof, and mailing your estimate. We try to be accessible for any of your questions or needs. Read more about our free quotes.

Do you service Portland? Mount Desert Island? Eastport? Vinalhaven?
No location is off-limits for Horch Roofing. We will roof just about anywhere within reason.

How long will it take to roof my home?
This can vary due to the weather, landscaping, type of shingle, and, of course, the size of your home. For an average size home, expect the timeframe to be two to three days but we can finish a roof in one day if your project requires this time frame.

What is your customer service like?
Horch has top-notch customer service and is available for you every step of the process. We have been honored with an Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2016 and the Governor’s Award for Business Excellence in 2015. It’s just further proof of our deep commitment to our customers and quality service. See what some of our customers have said about our work.

Why is metal a good option for my roof?
Metal is a durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance material. On average, a metal roof will last 50-60 years, while an asphalt shingle roof will last closer to 20-25 years. Metal is also energy efficient because it reflects heat and blocks its transfer into your attic space and is made from between 60-65% recyclable material. For Maine residents, one of the biggest draws to metal roofing is that they shed snow and ice easily, helping to prevent ice dams. See our metal roofing page for more information.


Horch Roofing staff and crew at an OSHA training from MEMIC.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, Horch Roofing is a fully insured roofing contractor through Allen Insurance & Financial. Our company protects you, the homeowner, with $1 million dollars of liability insurance and all of our workers are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance. Read more about why insurance is so important to us.

Will my property be protected while you work?
Yes. Our crew is careful to protect the exterior of your home while they work to avoid damaging windows, siding, and flower beds around your home. View this roofing progression to see just how we protect your property.

Examples of how Horch Roofing will protect your property.

Horch Roofing employee using a magnet to pick up nails at a roofing project.

Do you use any green practices?
Yes! Through our Reroof and Recycle Program, we recycle 100% of all roofing debris that we pull from roofs that we work on.

What is ridge vent?
Ridge vent is a strip of mesh fiber applied underneath the cap shingles on the peak of your home, aiding in proper ventilation of your home. Ventilation is very important to the performance of your home. Proper ventilation extends the life of your shingles, prevents condensation, and helps prevent ice dams.

What is ice and water shield?
Ice and water shield is a self-adhered roofing underlayment, It is applied to the roof deck on the eaves, in valleys, and around obstructions prior to the application of the finished roof covering. The membrane goes under shingles and seals around nails that hold the shingles in place, so water that doesn’t drain properly cannot penetrate the roof. It also creates a weather-tight barrier against wind- driven rains that cause shingles to lift and leak, and provides protection against ice dams.

How do I stop lichens and moss from forming on my roof?
Most modern shingles rock granules are treated with zinc, which reacts with rainwater to inhibit algae growth. (Look for the AR label on the shingle wrapper.) For older roofs or extreme situations, zinc strips can be applied to the top course of shingles, providing a similar effect. Read more about preventing moss from growing on your roof in our blog post.

Can I apply new shingles directly over old shingles?
Yes, and some manufacturers still warranty their shingles when doing so. However, at Horch Roofing we recommend stripping the old shingles off first. This method allows for inspection of, and possible replacement of, the roof deck, flashing, trim, etc. Removing old shingles also aids in the installation of proper underlayment and ventilation.

Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, we offer a one-year installation warranty, along with any manufacturer warranty (varies depending upon style, etc).

What colors are available?
We offer a wide variety of styles and colors to suit individual tastes. If you don’t see what you like, we will try our hardest to find something else that you like. Read more about different colors and options in our blog post.

Is tar paper still used?
Occasionally, but for most applications, we use a synthetic underlayment. Synthetic underlayments are both watertight and breathable.

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