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The Rainbow Initiative offers a free roof program aimed at supporting  homeowners in need within local communities. Eligibility for this program is facilitated through nominations from schools, organizations and individuals. Individuals nominated should demonstrate a  genuine need for assistance with their roofing needs. Priority is given to homeowners facing financial challenges or other circumstances where acquiring a new roof would be burdensome. The initiative aims to provide a helping hand to deserving individuals who may  otherwise struggle to afford essential home repairs.

To successfully complete this project within the allotted time frame we would like you to take note of the following requirements/expectations:

  • The roof size should not exceed 15 squares.
  • Minimal penetrations such as skylights, dormers, and chimneys preferred.
  • The roof pitch should not exceed 7/12.
  • Only brand-new materials will be used for the project.
  • Asphalt shingles will be the roofing material of choice.
  • Shingle colors may vary depending on available leftover materials throughout the year.

These specifications ensure that the project meets our standards while providing essential support to the winning recipient. Please don’t worry if you’re uncertain about the above requirements. We encourage you to apply regardless, and our professionals will inform you if the nominated project exceeds any of our limitations.

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Rainbow initiative timeline 2024

Submissions Accepted

from 4/1/2024 - 6/30/2024

Winners Selected

by 7/15/2024

Winners Announced

by 7/31/2024

Home Makeovers

between 8/1/2024 and 11/30/2024


Thank you for investing your time in completing the application below. We’re excited to learn more about the nominee.
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