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Our History

Horch Roofing is a leading and innovative residential roofing company that cares deeply about the quality of your roofing experience.

Our Team of over 50 Certified installers build roof systems through an exacting process to ensure we deliver exceptional results we can stand behind. Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it also comes down to our attitude, our approach to business and the way we treat & value our clients. We believe that people connect with brands that stand for something!

Our company was founded by Peter Horch in 2003, a native Maine high school graduate with a mind for business, creativity and work ethic. With energetic enthusiasm over the past 17 years, he and his team have worked hard to establish a premium quality product, delivered in a timely fashion, with outstanding customer service to the residents of Mid-Coast Maine. Working closely with leading builders, home owners, property managers and vendors, Horch Roofing has established an outstanding reputation which has resulted in many referrals and wonderful reviews. We now provide roofing services to clients from Kennebunkport up the coastline to Bar Harbor and the interior regions of Maine.

The Crew

Horch Roofing has a staff of, at a minimum, 50 employees year-round to meet the roofing needs of the entire state of Maine. Our foremen and project managers have over 100 years of combined experience. They take pride in the work they accomplish, holding quality as one of their top priorities.

Training is very important to us. We have a training center in our shop located on Route 90 in Warren. This enables us to use a controlled environment to teach less experienced employees proper techniques, the correct application and the tricks of roofing in Maine. After sufficient training, we have confidence that the roofers we send to your project are properly prepared and educated.

Safety is our number-one priority. Monthly safety meetings cover topics such as safe lifting, ladder safety, and fall protection. Roofers are required to be harnessed to the roof for all projects, no exceptions. Since the onset of the business, Horch Roofing has completed over 10,000 projects, and because of our strict concern for safety, there have been no major accidents. Additionally, Horch Roofing requires all ground men to wear hardhats protecting them from possible falling objects.

When choosing a roofing company, potential customers should have confidence that when Horch Roofing is on your property, our employees and job-sites are safe.

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