Roof Maintenance in the Warren, Portland & South Portland, ME Area

While we do many reroofing and new roof installations, with our full time Service Division we also provide a number of other roof maintenance services for both residential homes and commercial buildings.

Leak Repair and Patching:

Roof and leak repairs could be as simple as replacing a shingle or putting a bead of silicone on a problem area. While onsite, Horch Roofing’s experienced crew can inspect your roof’s overall performance and make the necessary repairs or recommendations. For any repair needs please contact our office at 207-273-1111 for roof maintenance.

Gutter Cleaning and Flushing:

Gutters on your home are useless unless they function properly. Keeping your gutters clean and the downspouts flowing is very important and relatively easy to do. Cleaning the debris out your gutters once a year will help you avoid an overflow, which can lead to leaking, water damage, and costly trim/siding repairs.

Roof Washing and Cleaning:

The Horch Roofing crew will rid your roof of lichens, mold, and moss using a pressure washer and mild chemical solution. The solution can harm plants and flowers, so if your home has no gutters, we would not recommend the solution. However, a pressure washer in conjunction with zinc strips is also effective. Zinc strips are small metal strips applied to the top course of shingles so that when rainwater falls, the water reacts with the zinc to inhibit moss and lichen growth. Most modern shingle granules are treated with zinc and copper; however, zinc strips can be helpful in extreme problem areas, such as heavy tree cover and damp areas. **We do not recommend roof washing in all scenarios. In many cases roof washing is not recommended by Horch Roofing, due to the age of the roof/current condition of the shingles. For further information please contact our Sales office, and speak with a Sales Representative.

Snow and Ice Removal:

Don’t hesitate to call when snow buildup becomes a problem. Winters in Maine can wreak havoc on your roof. Not only can this lead to leaks, but the weight of snow and ice can become an issue on lower pitch roofs. Our expertise on snow and ice removal makes us the go-to roofers in Midcoast Maine.

Heat Tape Installation:

For eaves that habitually build up ice due to heat loss, constant shading, and other factors, we can apply heat tape to eaves and gutters. Simply plug in the heat tape, and snow and ice will slowly melt off your eaves. Heat tape is also useful in valleys that gather large amounts of snowfall. **Heat tape is not a permanent solution to ice dam issues on your roof. The majority of ice dam issues we see are due to a lack of insulation or bad ventilation in a given area. A building scientist or energy auditor can assist building owners with inspecting the root of the ice dam problems.