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How do you properly care for roof shingles

A Checklist for Asphalt Shingle Roof Maintenance

Every structure in your home needs some level of maintenance throughout the years, and your asphalt roofing is no different. Like any part of your house, it requires regular upkeep to stay in prime condition and live up to its expected lifespan. Neglecting this routine is one of the biggest reasons behind premature wear and […]

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How to install asphalt shingle roofing

Asphalt Roof Shingle Installation: What You Need to Know

A go-to choice for many homeowners, asphalt shingles are celebrated for their great balance of durability, affordability, and versatility in design. If you’ve decided to join the ranks of many satisfied homeowners and install asphalt shingle roofing on your home, you may now be wondering about the process itself. While it’s best to leave the […]

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What are the advantages of asphalt shingle roofs

Top 7 Benefits of Asphalt Shingle Roofs

If you want to make sure that your home is safe, comfortable, and resilient against harsh weather conditions, you’ll have to choose the right roofing. When choosing the right material, it’s important to pay attention to more than the way it looks.  Homeowners should consider how practical and durable their choice is before their final […]

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What is asphalt roofing

A Guide to Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Your roof is perhaps one of the most important elements to consider when you’re looking to make your home safe and functional. It’s your roof that keeps your family safe and dry, ensures your comfort, and of course, contributes significantly to the overall looks of your house’s exterior. In Maine, where weather can be as […]

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Can an Asphalt roof be Installed in Winter?

Let’s face it, most people think winter in Maine is not the ideal time to do a full roof replacement. In an ideal world, asphalt roof shingles would be installed between 40 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit but scenarios that require a new roof do not always become evident at opportune times. Wind, driving rain, […]

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How Long Do My Existing Shingles Have Left?

This is a question roofing companies get asked a lot! With different manufacturers and different environmental conditions, there is no standard answer. Most of us don’t set a calendar reminder for 20 years into the future to check on the condition of our roof and shingles; in fact, once our new roof has been installed, […]

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