How Long Do My Existing Shingles Have Left?

This is a question roofing companies get asked a lot! With different manufacturers and different environmental conditions, there is no standard answer. Most of us don’t set a calendar reminder for 20 years into the future to check on the condition of our roof and shingles; in fact, once our new roof has been installed, we likely don’t think of it much at all. Fortunately, a new asphalt roof should last 20 years or more when installed properly, using quality materials appropriate for the building’s geographic location. Unfortunately, this incredible lifespan allows building owners to let their roof’s condition slip to the back of their mind.

Signs that your roof could use some attention can vary depending on where your building is located. Homes and businesses along the coast of Maine may experience missing shingles from coastal storms. If your home is inland, increased tree coverage or variances in weather due to elevation can add additional wear and tear from rain, snow, leaves, and tree branches. Sleet and hail can cause some of the greatest damage to your shingled roof, but even the sun’s UV rays can slowly deteriorate roofing materials.

If you are savvy and able to spot the signs, knowing when your existing shingles need to be replaced is easy to do. We would like to preface this by saying you should NEVER get on your roof. Trust the professionals to get up there for you. Here are a few things to look for when evaluating the condition of your shingles from the ground:

●    Curled or buckled edges
●    Cracked pieces
●    Missing or broken shingles
●    Shingle granules wearing off (check-in gutters)
●    Fungus, mold, or moss growth on shingles

If you’re unsure when the last time was that your roof was shingled, and you are experiencing some of the issues listed above,you should contact your local Maine roofing contractor to schedule a replacement estimate. If your current shingles were installed over an existing layer, they may wear and age differently. According to the International Residential Code (R907.3), a new roof may be applied over an existing roof covering; however, a roof cannot be applied over two or more applications.

It’s extremely common for seasonal conditions in Maine and the Northeast to degrade and damage shingles and other roofing materials. Don’t panic if you discover that your shingles are wearing out. Roof repairs can be a great way to fix small problem areas in roofing systems that have many years left of life ahead of them.

Performing regular, careful inspections of your roof, inside and out, can help to extend the life of your roof and your home.

If a visual inspection detects problems on your roof, contact us today! For 17 years Horch Roofing has been Maine’s reliable expert for roofing or gutter replacement and repairs. We serve the communities of coastal Maine from our offices in Warren and Westbrook.  Whether you have a minor repair for our Dispatch Crew or need a new roof , we are the experts to handle this situation. Horch Roofing repairs and installs metal roofing, asphalt shingle roofing, EPDM rubber roofing, and seamless gutters for both residential and commercial roofing projects. Click here to fill out our online leak repair form  request a free estimate at  or call our experts at 207-273-1111.