Discover the Dispatch Crew: Our Roof Repair Pros

Posted on September 23, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorized

Scope of Work: What We Do

Discover Horch Roofing’s Dispatch Crew, they are here for you when your roof or gutters need help! This team of four-plus  repair pros are the ones to call. The Dispatch Crew is not only for urgent situations like a troublesome leak, but also for routine repairs and maintenance, gutter or skylight installations, roof ventilation, wall and basic chimney flashing and more. 


During its 13 years in business, Horch Roofing has developed the ability to respond to urgent care calls. Hence the formation of the Dispatch Crew. The crew can be on site in as little as an hour for emergencies. Less urgent calls can take up to four days, depending on call volume and the availability of materials.


The Process: How We Do What We Do

The Dispatch Crew’s trucks are packed with a wide variety of tools and materials. This makes it more likely that they’ll be able to fix whatever is wrong during their first visit. If the problem is greater than what they are prepared to address, they will provide you a written estimate, including time and materials needed to set things right. Upon accepting this proposal, the job will be scheduled and the work will get done as quickly as possible.


Prevent Emergency Situations

Yes, the Dispatch Crew is prepared to help on a moment’s notice, but it’s best to avoid emergencies. Contact us when you first suspect there might be an issue. Horch Roofing performs inspections and provides yearly maintenance of your roof and/or gutter system. We can help you spot and address little problems before they grow into big ones.


Experience: We Have Lots

Our Small Projects Department Manager, Devin Deabler (with Horch for 9 years) manages the Dispatch Crew. All told, this great team has over 18 years experience at Horch Roofing. Any new employees on the Dispatch Crew work under Devin’s guidance and supervision. As a matter of fact, all new hires at Horch Roofing work together with our most experienced and knowledgeable employees.


Call us today at 207-273-1111 for more information about the Dispatch Crew and what they can do for you.