Winter Is Coming: Preparing Your Roof for Snow

Whether you love the season or dread it, winter is coming! With it come driving winds, rain, snow, and ice. As you begin to bundle up in layers, think about the layers of your roof – are they going to keep you safe and warm in the winter months? 

Below, we’ll cover some common roofing hazards that can arise during this season, hoping to stop the Maine winter from damaging your roof or other structures.

How do I prepare my roof for winter?

Let’s explore some things you should watch out for when the time comes to prepare your roof for winter.

Check your ventilation

It’s crucial for every roof to have proper attic ventilation. Is the ventilated area clear of debris and allowing air to flow freely? If not, there is potential for ice dams to form, leading to worrisome leaks and costly damages. Another danger they pose is that if they thaw enough, they may even fall from the roof onto your porch, deck, or another place where someone could be standing.

Beware of loose shingles

Ensure your winter roof undergoes inspection prior to the arrival of snow. Loose shingles pose a risk of allowing moisture to seep underneath them during thaw cycles. When another layer of snow hits or a deep freeze sets in, ice will form. This cycle can wreak havoc on the structure of your roof, possibly leading to leaks.

Trees around your home

Tree branches that extend over the roof of your home add risk during the winter. When snow accumulates on limbs, the added weight can cause them to break and fall. If you can do so safely, trim back trees around your home or have a professional tree service do it to protect your home and prepare your roof for winter.

Small problems that could get worse

Even minor damage or troublesome leaks can cause much bigger problems during the winter. Cold, ice, and snow are likely to make these small issues worse. The best thing you can do is to have professional repairs done before the snow falls.

How do I prepare my roof for winterWhat’s the most reputable expert to help me prepare my roof for winter?

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