6 Types of Roof Damage & How Professionals Solve Them

What is the most common roof damage

When it comes to potential threats to your roof, storm, hail, and damage caused by other factors can pose a big issue and lead to costly repairs if not addressed promptly. While homeowners typically do see the impact of severe weather conditions as a critical concern, they are often left wondering – how to know if a roof needs urgent attention?

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, keep reading. Below, we’ll delve into the most common types of roof damage and explain how professionals solve them, hoping to help you spot them in time and react quickly.

What is the most common roof damage?

If there’s a part of your home that’s constantly exposed to the elements, it’s the roof. This continuous exposure makes it susceptible to a variety of damages, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll need costly repairs or a replacement every time. Understanding the most common types of roof damage is exactly what can help you prevent them from turning into a bigger issue. Let’s learn about these types below.

1. Storm damage

One thing is true – storms can wreak havoc on roofs. From high winds and heavy rain to flying debris, there are many types of roof storm damage your home may encounter. The first step in dealing with the aftermath of severe weather is a thorough inspection. Experts will look for dents, cracks, and missing shingles, both easily noticeable and barely visible.

Then, they may replace the impaired or missing shingles, and even work to reinforce the structure to prevent the same from happening again. But in more severe cases, when the integrity of the whole structure is compromised, they may even recommend a full replacement. In that case, they’ll assess the situation to craft a more durable, robust solution.

2. Hail damage

With the outcomes ranging from subtle to structurally significant, the impact of hail is a specific concern. But what does hail damage do to a roof? The impact can create punctures, remove the granular surface of shingles, and generally weaken the setup’s ability to protect against water, potentially leading to leaks and decreased effectiveness of insulation.

When you call the professionals, they’ll assess the condition first by looking for dents on shingles and gutters. Then, depending on how much hail damage they find, they’ll advise you to replace a roof, or if it’s not yet necessary, they may replace affected shingles, address other areas, and reinforce the structure

3. Water damage

Both as a result of other types and on its own, water damage is a significant threat that you should never underestimate. It typically manifests as leaks, rot, and mold growth, which can compromise not only the exterior of your home but also its interior and structural integrity.

Professionals tackle the issue by first identifying the source of the leak. This could involve checking for broken or missing shingles, impaired flashing, or compromised seals. Prevention and prompt reaction are equally important to avoid any bigger issues down the line. Organize regular maintenance, and familiarize yourself with the common signs that your roof needs attention.

4. UV & heat damage

The impact of heat and UV rays is usually seen in cracking, curling, and fading of shingles. Although these issues may not seem as dramatic as the other types of problems caused by severe weather, they can still reduce your system’s effectiveness and lifespan.

While the experts usually address this issue similarly to when it’s caused by other factors – by repairing affected spots and replacing shingles, this is a case where you may benefit from a full replacement. Many popular roofing materials today offer benefits such as enhanced protection against heat and UV rays, which may be far more cost-effective than just replacing a few shingles.

5. Wear & tear

While roofs are usually built to last, they still have a certain lifespan. This means that general wear and tear are inevitable, as environmental factors and time contribute to the gradual degradation of the materials. For example, loose or missing shingles, cracks, and erosion that can’t be explained by a specific cause are usually a result of wear and tear. 

Although the lifespan of roofs is usually measured in decades, regular inspections and maintenance are key factors to ensure longevity and minimize wear and tear. Additionally, scheduled checkups are an opportunity to spot potential issues you may have not noticed, preventing further damage, costly repairs, and premature replacements.

6. Lack of maintenance

Even with all the steps of the roof installation process carried out by a seasoned professional, ensuring longevity relies on regular maintenance too. Neglecting occasional maintenance may lead to a variety of issues, including accelerated wear and tear, heightened vulnerability to roof storm damage, leaks, and structural weaknesses.

Professionals emphasize the importance of regular inspections and upkeep to prevent such problems. This includes cleaning gutters, checking for issues, and ensuring proper ventilation. By following a maintenance schedule, you can significantly reduce the risk of damage and extend the life of your structure.

Which professional should I contact in case of roof hail damage?

roof hail damage

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