Your roof needs you!

Posted on March 7, 2016 · Posted in Roof Maintenance, Roofing Safety

A properly maintained Maine roof can survive up to three decades before it needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, too many homeowners ignore basic roof maintenance, and then they get stuck with unexpected, expensive repairs. Addressing small issues before they become big ones can save you a lot of money and hassle. Here are some habits that will help increase the longevity of your roof.

1. Inspect your roof once a month

No need for a ladder; a pair of binoculars should show you all you need to see from the ground. If you must climb a ladder to get a better look, do not walk on your roof because you could risk damage or injury. Keep an eye out for missing or tattered shingles as well as signs of rust or mold. If you notice any problems, seek a professional roofer in Maine right away.

2. Clean your gutters before winter

Clear out your gutters near the end of autumn after the trees have shed their leaves. Look for gaps in your gutters’ seams, and ensure that the brackets holding them in place are secure. Angie’s List recommends doing this on a dry, sunny day to prevent slipping.

3. Remove as much snow as possible between snowstorms

Gently brush off excess snow with a roof rake. If possible, use a telescoping pole to help you work from the ground. If you have to use a ladder, be sure to brush at an angle so that the snow doesn’t come crashing down on you. Do not try to scrape off any ice that has already solidified because you could damage your roof.

4. Trim overhanging tree limbs

Tree limbs lurking above your roof are not only a safety hazard, but they could also erode your shingles if branches are constantly rubbing against them.

5. Check for animal damage

Bugs, birds and all types of furry critters can easily burrow their way through rotted roofs. Shredded wood, sawdust, teeth marks and droppings are all telltale signs of unwanted guests. Speaking of which…

6. Check your attic

Look for leaks on the underside of your roof, and make sure no animals have set up shop. Check carefully around your vents and chimney for streaks, stains or other signs of water damage.

7. Schedule a professional roof maintenance inspection

While you should practice these tips throughout the year, you should still get an annual inspection from a professional Maine roofer. Most reputable companies will provide you with a free roof estimate.

Looking for a roofer in Maine? Horch Roofing is the most trusted name for Maine roof repair and maintenance. Due to safety concerns, we cannot access your roof while snow is on it, so contact us for a free roof estimate before winter arrives.