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Year round roof maintenance in Maine

Posted on February 14, 2015 · Posted in Roof Maintenance, Roofing Safety

Anyone that has owned a home or business in Maine knows that each and every season takes a toll on your roof. While we may not spend much time looking up at our roof, it’s the lid that protects our families, our possessions and should be maintained properly during the year to ensure that it remains functional.

Each season comes with a few tips on how to make your roof last. Here are some of our recommendations for year-round roof maintenance in Maine.


During the spring, it’s important to use one of the first warm, snow-free days to thoroughly inspect your roof for winter damage. Wind, snow and ice can all be key players in the deterioration of your roof and taking the time in the early spring to identify trouble areas will give you more time to schedule repairs before the following winter.


Summer months go by in a blur in Maine. While this is the best time to arrange for roof repairs, upgrades and replacements, it’s also a busy season for contractors and roofing companies. Be sure to schedule your project early in the season. Summer is also a great time to upgrade to standing seam metal roofing for homes and small businesses and to replace asphalt shingles with EPDM rubber roofing on flat and low pitch roofs.


In the fall, it’s important to keep gutters clear of leaves and debris so as to allow for proper drainage of water off your roof and away from your home. This is also a good time to perform a final inspection of your roof before the snow begins to fall. Look for damaged shingles, soft spots or any other signs of trouble.


During the winter, watch out for ice dams which can cause standing water on your roof and allow for leaks inside your home. Keep your roof shoveled; if snow begins to pile up contact Horch Roofing for assistance.

We’re very fortunate to live in Maine and experience the changing seasons, keep your home and business safe by maintaining your roof year round.

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