Winter Roofing Problem: Condensation

Posted on November 21, 2019 · Posted in Roofing Education

One of the more common roof problems for property owners during the winter months is condensation that develops on the roof, deck, or the installation. Roof condensation problems can cause significant damage to the structure if not properly managed. It’s always best to call a professional to learn about all the options available, but here’s a look at what you can expect.

What Is Roof Condensation?

When condensation develops along the roof ceiling and is trapped in that area, it creates a risk of damage to all the roof material it comes in contact with, including the structure itself. Roof condensation leaks are a leading concern during the winter months when cold temperatures outside and warm temperatures inside create a risk for condensation.

What to Do About Roof Condensation or Leak Problems

Prevention is one of the best roof condensation solutions. To prevent leaks, all roofs need to have the attic sealed and insulated as well as possible. This includes all HVAC ducts, chimneys, attic hatches, and top plates. In addition, it’s important to have bulkheads, drop ceilings, and skylights properly sealed (and inspected for any signs of damage or roof condensation leaks). Also, even small holes, such as those from wiring or plumbing, can pose a problem.

Roof condensation in winter is not uncommon. It can happen to both newer and older homes. If there is any concern about moisture build-up in your attic, it’s best to have a licensed team of professionals, like our pros from Horch Roofing, visit to inspect it. From there, we can refer you to professionals who can apply the best roof condensation solutions to seal off these areas to eliminate the problem properly.

If you have had problems like this, especially significant leaks, do not wait to get help. This can lead to structural damage as well as the buildup of mold. A weather-tight home that’s properly ventilated is one that is safe to live in. Yet, most of these types of leaks go unnoticed by property owners. If you don’t do a visual inspection of the attic space, you may not find them. And, even if you do, it’s best to have a formal roof inspection each year in the fall to prevent these concerns.

Don’t Ignore Roof Condensation Leaks – Call Us Instead

Whenever you need any type of roof condensation inspection – or any help with your roof – contact Horch Roofing. Our team provides comprehensive repairs and outstanding service. Call our team now for an estimate.