Why insurance matters to us

Posted on December 28, 2012 · Posted in Roofing Safety

Imagine this: you hire a company to shingle your roof. While on the job their safety equipment malfunctions — or worse, they don’t use safety equipment or follow proper safety procedures and a worker ends up in the hospital.

Then you learn that the company you hired doesn’t carry proper insurance. Shingling your roof has just become your biggest nightmare because YOU, the homeowner, are the responsible party.

It’s a little known fact that it is your responsibility as the homeowner to verify the legitimacy of insurance by contacting the contractor’s insurance company directly. This is easy to do by asking the one simple question before hiring a roofing contractor.

“What is the name and telephone number of your insurance agent?”

Why is it important to make this call yourself to verify proof of insurance? Many contractors and service-oriented businesses use the term “Fully Insured,” but there is a difference between General Liability Insurance and Roofer’s Liability Insurance. In addition, if more than one person is working on your property, the contractor is required by Maine law to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance. If an uninsured worker is injured on your property, the accident could become your responsibility.

Additionally, don’t simply accept a copy of a company’s insurance certificate as proof of insurance. Insurance can be cancelled at any time making a certificate of no value. Protect yourself and make the right calls before selecting a roofing company. Legitimate and professional roofing contractors will be glad you asked.

Questions to ask the insurance agent:

  1. Does the roofing contractor carry adequate Roofer’s Liability Insurance?
  2. Do they carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance?
  3. What is the term of the insurance (i.e. will it cover the time period they are working on your house)