When choosing a roofing material, you may be thinking about color and style. You may even want to consider how eco-friendly the materials are. In addition to these factors, another consideration at the top of clients’ minds is always how long the roof will last. While there are many conditions that can affect the lifespan of your roofing material, knowing that the products and professional installation of those products are backed by a warranty brings peace of mind to homeowners.

What Makes Our Roof Warranties Ideal?

Our clients benefit from a comprehensive roof warranty when they buy their roofing materials and installation from Horch Roofing. Below are a few key points you can expect.

#1: The Very Best Manufacturer Warranties

Most of the manufacturing companies we work with provide warranties for their roofing materials. Because our team members are professionally trained to install these roofs, all manufacturer warranties apply. We stand behind these warranties, whether they are for 10 years or up to 35 years, depending on what the manufacturer provides. Horch Roofing sales professionals will help you choose a material based on the warranty if you need help. Material warranties are important for protecting you from the failures of the roofing materials themselves.

#2: Professional Installation

Horch Roofing is dedicated to installing your roof properly by following all established guidelines from the manufacturer, local building codes, and best practices. That is why Horch Roofing stands behind our workmanship warranty of 5 years. Some manufactures offer additional workmanship warranties depending on the application of their product.  A workmanship warranty is critical as it ensures that any problems with our installation processes are always taken care of for you.

#3: Your Warranty Passes On

Another nice benefit that Horch Roofing offers is a warranty that can transfer to new homeowners who purchase your home. If you sell your home, being able to offer a transferable warranty is valuable. It may even increase your home’s value. Not all companies offer warranties that transfer from homeowner to homeowner, but Horch Roofing can find the right product for you.

Let our sales professionals help you choose the right roofing material for your needs. With warranties that last from 10 to 35 years (and even some limited lifetime options), there is a product available that is right for you.

Protect Your Home with a New, High-Quality Roof

At the foundation of the services we offer at Horch Roofing is providing exceptional service using the very best products. That’s how we can offer solid warranties for all of our products. To learn more about our roofing warranty options or to get a quote for the services we offer, contact our team at Horch Roofing today.

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