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What Is The Purpose Of A Metal Valley?

Posted on September 24, 2018 · Posted in Metal Roofing

If you’ve recently realized that your roof has been damaged by a storm, aged over time, or is just simply not performing the way it should, you’re likely scouring the internet trying to research what needs to be done to make it right. The roofing process, materials, and options available today have come a long way from just a few decades ago, with the goal being to provide superior protection for your home for a longer period of time.

While most know what shingles, gutters, and drip edges are, it starts getting confusing when homeowners are trying to determine if they need things like metal valleys.

We’re here to make it easy for you by breaking down what a metal valley is, why it’s important, and whether a metal valley is right for your roof.

What Is The Valley Of A Roof?

For any home that has more than two faces on their roof (front and back), you may have a roof valley. A roof valley is a seam at which two roof faces come together. These common architectural features can become a magnet for water and ice, debris, and mold growth if not properly installed and maintained. Roofing contractors must take extra care in protecting a roof valley by using materials that will help water and debris run off the roof without collecting and causing blockages, rot, or leaks.

Watch IKO install a valley:

What Is A Metal Valley?

A metal valley is a pre-bent roofing material designed to protect these vulnerable areas on your roof. The metal valley is installed on top of the ice and water shield and creates a highly effective barrier and passageway to keep your roof dry and protected.

Why Is A Metal Valley Important

While there are a number of materials that can be used in roof valleys, metal provides the most durable, longest lasting solution. Extremely versatile, metal can be used in almost any situation and will resist damage from hail, wind, rain, and fallen debris better than alternative materials.

Is A Metal Valley Right For My Roof?

In most cases, a metal valley will add durability and longevity to any roofing system. As a single component in the entire system, a metal valley effectively protects other parts of your roof including shingles, roof felt, and the roof deck. When all roof components are performing well, a roof’s lifespan is more likely to be maximized.

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