“We’ll Be Here”

When deciding between roofing contractors, there is one point you should consider: “Who will be there for me if I have roof problems in the future?”

If this were to happen to you, talking to the roofer who installed your roof would be your first step.  However, if your original roofer leaves the business in the future, you may be out of luck. Horch Roofing guarantees that, should something happens down the road, we will still be here 5, 10, and even 20 years from now to help our customers resolve their roofing problem. We take care of our customers by offering them roofing installations by trained, certified roofers so that all warranties will be granted if the need arises.  Our company also guarantees that the work needed to correct the roofing problem is contracted.  This takes a significant amount of stress off of our customer, and makes the problem much easier to fix.

Our service doesn’t end after our crew has cleaned up your property.  We check back with each of our customers, making sure that they are happy with their roofs and answering any questions they may have about their project.  If a problem arises, we’ll be here to help.  We are committed to providing excellent customer satisfaction; we have served the Midcoast Maine community for over ten years, and we have been there for every single one of our customers throughout that time. Our customers can rest assured that we will be there for them at every point during the life of their roofs.

For more information about Horch Roofing, our products, services, and commitment to excellence, visit our website at www.horchroofing.com or call our office at (207)-273-1111.