Up on the Rooftop? Check for Damage

Posted on December 14, 2015 · Posted in Gutters, Roof Maintenance, Roofing Safety

Before the snow hits and it’s too late to see what’s going on up on your rooftop, you need to take a closer look.

Be safe when you are climbing a ladder and walking the roof. You should always have someone with you to hold the ladder. It’s not a bad idea to take someone with you when you’re on top of the house. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of doing your own inspection, call in the experts like the team at Horch Roofing.

Once you are on the roof, you’ll want to give every section a careful inspection. Keep an eye out for any areas where you see a low point or it looks like it is dipping down. Be careful not to step in these weak spots because your foot may go through. Loose or missing shingles are another sign of trouble.

If you don’t address these problems, the ice and snow is going to work its way beneath your shingles and wreak havoc to the underlying structure of your roof. What started as a small problem can become a major problem in the middle of the coldest weather or during the spring thaw.

Check Your Flashing and Your Gutters

Flashing is placed around your chimney and other parts of your roof as a barrier, keeping the worst that winter has to throw at you out of your home. You’ll want to make sure your flashing is secure and intact.

Be sure to check your gutters as well. Clear them out so they won’t build up with ice and take note if they are loose or pulling away from the house. Consider lengthening the drainage spouts that come away from your gutters, You’ll be able to keep the melting snow and ice build-up away from your foundation.

Turn to the Professionals

If you find any signs of damage, or you want the assistance of an expert, the crew at Horch Roofing is at the ready. They’ll perform a thorough evaluation at your convenience and nip any problems in the bud. Take care of your roof now with help from the skilled team at Horch Roofing.