Top 5 Things to Learn About a Roofing Contractor -Want to Be Satisfied Even Before Your Project Starts?

Every building needs a safe and reliable roof, but the thought of roof replacement or repair can be daunting. You need time to decide what roofing material and color to choose  to evaluate your budget and to determine how to pay for the work.

Once you’re ready to  move ahead, you need to make the most important choice of all: which contractor to hire.

Here are the top 5 things you need to know:

  • Who offers the best value? The lowest price isn’t always the best deal. Get multiple bids but don’t base your decision solely on price. A higher price isn’t necessarily just about company profit. An established and reputable company — knowledgeable, experienced, properly licensed and insured, a professional firm that works safely and reliably — offers increased value.
  • How are the reviews? Read customers’ reviews of the contractors you are considering. Pay attention to positive and negative reviews and realizing that not everyone is going to be happy with every job. Remember that opinions about some things weigh more than others. While facts and opinions are both important and hold value, facts are what you’re looking for. Carefully weigh the risks of working with one contractor versus another.
  • Can you work together? Find a roofer who is willing to work with you to predict your roofing needs but also help you make good decisions now and in the future. Sometimes a roof is beyond repair, but sometimes it can last another season. Choose a roofer who has your best interests in mind — someone who won’t make your roof into a money pit by selling you something you don’t need or want.
  • What about maintenance? Does your contractor provide a reliable maintenance plan? Preventive care isn’t just about your health, your roof needs checkups too! Routine inspections and maintenance can prevent small issues from turning into BIG problems. Some yearly TLC will extend the life of your roof and help you get more out of the investment.
  • How community-minded are they? Is a contractor active in the local community and national industry-leading associations? Companies that care about their local and professional communities care about other things too, such as: safety, environmental awareness and excellent  outcomes to name a few. A caring company is invested in making customers happy.


Your home is an investment. It can also be a family treasure, an expression of personal style, or a home to your business.  There is great value in being an informed consumer. Whether your interest be form or function, you have the power to protect your property.  

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