Tips for Safe Roof Decoration

Posted on October 3, 2019 · Posted in Roofing Safety

The excitement for the holiday season sometimes overshadows the need to make safe decisions. It’s fun to decorate your home, especially if you have kids. Before you do so, consider a few safety tips for holiday decorating to minimize some of the most common problems homeowners have.

Simple Holiday Decorating Tips Not to Overlook

Let’s be frank. No matter if it is cold and slick, you still need to hang those lights up and position Santa in just the right position. Do what it takes to avoid a holiday decorating disaster this season.

  • Get the Ladder Right

It is never wise to climb on your roof. But if you plan to use a ladder next to your home, be sure the ladder is high quality, durable, and stable. To reduce the risk of ladder accidents – which are unfortunately common – position the ladder on safe, even ground. If you need to position the ladder on an incline, use the leg levelers for support.

  • Install Only Approved Lights and Watch the Power Consumption

A strand of lights not designed to handle the wet conditions outdoors can cause a fire that within minutes will spread across your roof. For this reason, only install outdoor-approved lights tested by the safety certification company UL. Also, do not install lights that are broken, have cracks, or have bare wires. Know how much power your outlet can take and don’t overload it, as that increases your risks.

Additional Roofing Safety Tips

Consider a few more holiday décor tips for roof safety:

  • Don’t go near power lines. If you plan to put something on the roof, keep you and your decorations at least 10 feet away from your power lines.
  • Don’t place objects on the roof that could cause damage to your roof shingles. Be mindful of the potential damage heavy items can cause.
  • Never staple, nail, or otherwise adhere decorations to the shingles on your roof. This creates holes in them that can lead to water risks.