Summer Roofing Tip: Check For Post-Winter Damage

Posted on July 22, 2014 · Posted in Roof Maintenance

Summer is a good time during the year to check for any damage your roof may have sustained during the winter months.  Give your roof a quick once-over and look for the following damages:

Missing or damaged shingles:

If you notice cracked or missing shingles, it is important to get the shingles replaced immediately.  When the underlayment of the roof is exposed to the elements, it is likely to weaken and rot more quickly.  The overall damage can be assessed by having your roof inspected by a certified roofing contractor.


Algae cause roofs to become discolored.  Algae feed off the limestone found in asphalt shingles, causing the shingles to turn a greenish color and also causes the roof to weaken.  If you notice this happening to your shingles, consult a roofing contractor immediately.

Built-up Clutter in Valleys and Drains:

Debris often forms in roof valleys and gutters, causing water to build up.  Since water needs a place to go, the only way to go is down … Right into your home.  Maintain your roof and gutters frequently to avoid this.


Certain areas of your roof are more susceptible to leaks than others.  Valleys, for example, experience the most water movement of any other area of our roof, which can wear down the shingles over time.  Pay attention to the valley, chimney, and flashing to ensure that these high-risk areas are functioning properly.  If you notice watermarks on your ceiling, call a roofing contractor immediately to assess the damage.

Roofs in Maine must withstand harsh weather during the winter months, and it’s important to maintain your roof as much as possible.  For a free roof inspection, call Horch Roofing at 273-1111.  We are here to serve the Midcoast Maine community in any way we can, and will find the right solution for your roof.