Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

Posted on February 28, 2018 · Posted in Metal Roofing

Winter in Maine can bring a multitude of snowstorms and in quick succession. Quickly changing temperatures can also mean a lot of snow melting and refreezing. This can cause problems for roofs of various types. For owners of metal roofs, it can actually create a hazard.  Snow and ice buildup can slide off a metal roof causing a dangerous avalanche effect. This avalanche effect is why most homeowners should consider installing snow guards on their metal roof.

Homeowners of asphalt roofs are vulnerable to ice dams. These occur when snow or ice on the roof melts and then refreezes at the roof’s lower edge. The resulting “dam” of ice can cause a pooling of water and force that water up under the shingles. Ice dams can cause water damage to the interior of a home and also cause rot to the underlying structure of roof.

Metal roofs tend to enhance resistance to the problem of ice damming, and that is one of their advantages. Others advantages include durability, low maintenance, fire resistance, and environmental friendliness (they require replacement less frequently and the material is recyclable). A metal roof does not solve all your roofing problems. Owners of metal roofs do have to be aware that there are potential problems with ice and snow sliding from the roof onto some unlucky person or object below. There is, however, an easy solution to this problem.

Snow guards are metal or plastic fittings that stand up from the surface of a metal roof. They are designed to hold the majority of snow and ice in place. As the snow and ice melt the water runs down the roof and into the home’s gutters, while the un-melted ice and snow stay safely on the roof.

Not only does this prevent the possibility of injuries: it also contributes to the home’s energy efficiency. Several inches of snow can act as an insulator between the home’s attic space and the frigid air outside.

Horch Roofing highly recommends the installation of snow guards on any metal roof in Maine where avalanching may cause harm to anything below. When we install a new metal roof, we urge customers to add this important but inexpensive safety option. We also can install snow guards on existing metal roofs.

For professional roofers, the process of installation is straightforward, and on most homes, snow guards can be installed in less than a day. It’s possible for homeowners to do it themselves, but we caution against it. Homeowners rarely possess the proper safety equipment to be on a roof not to mention the experience and expertise. Professionals installers make sure snow guards remain solidly in place and do not cause leaks.  Proper installation techniques are essential.

Horch Roofing is your roofer in Maine with the experience and expertise to keep you covered from the elements. If you have questions about metal roofs or snow guards please get in touch: 207-273-1111.