Should I Have Carpentry Work Done Prior To My Roofing Project?

Posted on June 15, 2018 · Posted in Roofing Education, Supporting Our Customers

Summer is a popular time for homeowners in Maine to start planning roof repairs, maintenance, and replacement. However, if you have other projects within the proximity of your roof including carpentry, it may be wise to address them before the roofing company arrives. Your home is a network of interconnected parts. Your roof sits on your walls, your walls sit on your foundation, and if one of these components is in need of maintenance, it could put the rest of your home at risk.

Like most components of your home, exterior materials like fascia, shadow board, crown molding, soffit, and freeze board all have a lifespan. These particular components are all found at the transition from your upper walls to your roof. Each component is susceptible to wear and rot from storms, fallen leaves and branches, insect nests, and other activities that break down over time.

From the inside of your home, a reputable carpenter, building inspector, or energy auditor can inspect your attic and determine if your ceiling is properly insulated before your roofing project. Your contractor can provide recommendations for adding both insulation to keep heat in and proper ventilation to allow heat to escape, which will work to prevent mold growth. By choosing to address these areas before having your roof worked on, you can ensure that you’ve addressed any concerns that may become more of an issue over time.

Your roof deck is a different story. Once your roofing contractor has started your reroofing project, they should perform a thorough inspection of your roof deck — the wood base below your shingles or roof surface — to ensure that it is free of damage and rot. Horch Roofing will repair or replace any sections of the roof deck during the roofing job if found to be unstable.

It’s also important to consider any expansions on your home prior to having your roof redone. If you’re considering building an addition, a garage, or a roofed-in porch, it may be more effective to have this work completed before the roofing project starts so that your entire roof surface can be addressed at once. This will help reduce uneven aging and wear.

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