Roof Recycling Programs Spread Across the Nation

Posted on June 28, 2015 · Posted in Recycling

It simply does not make sense to throw out used, old roofing materials anymore. Landfill space is getting much more difficult to find and the cost that goes along with dumping waste from roofing jobs is increasing steadily.

The majority of metal panels and shingles removed from old roofs can be recycled rather than dumped. This gives a majority of the materials another purpose and reduces the amount of garbage generated by a brand new roofing job.

Horch Roofing in Warren, Maine, has been a pioneer in recycling roof material, and now more and more roofing contractors across the nation are establishing recycling programs for old, used materials. In fact, many companies have invested large amounts of money into equipment that use this material and repurpose it. The trend is growing because of the positive economic and environmental benefits offered by recycling asphalt shingles and other materials.

What can be Recycled?

There are quite a few different roofing items that can be recycled:

  • Asphalt roofing shingles: Also referred to as composition shingles, these are felt mats saturated with asphalt and rock granules. These can be repurposed for new roofing, sidewalks, pavement, bridges and more.
  • Concrete shingles: These can be crushed into stone and used as gravel for new concrete or road construction.
  • Metal roofing panels: These items can be melted and used to create new products, which include metal panels for a new roofing project.

The Impact of Recycling Roofing Materials

Each year, hundreds of thousands of tons of roofing materials are disposed of in landfills. These materials take up space, and they don’t decompose quickly. It makes sense to recycle.

Since April 2010, Horch Roofing has recycled 5.65 million pounds of material. The company has been qualified as a Certified Green Roofer by GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. The designation recognizes Horch Roofing as an environmental leader in the community.

For more information about the recycling program, or if you need a roofer, call Horch Roofing at (207) 273-1111.