The Right Way to Remove Snow from Your Roof

Snow is a reality of living in Maine.

Keeping your home safe and sound requires snow and ice removal from your roof. The weight of too much snow can compromise your roof, and in extreme cases, cause roof failure.

Ice dams can also damage your roof and your home’s internal walls. It is important to carefully monitor how much snow and the weight your roof is bearing, and to remove snow from it. Heavy snow can cause a lower-pitch roof to leak and even collapse. Keep your roof and property safe through regular, proper snow removal and roof raking.

The Trusty Roof Rake

The best tool for removing snow from your home’s roof, is a specifically made roof rake with an adjustable handle. A low-cost item, with prices starting at about $40, that can easily do the job of snow removal. The adjustable handle allows safe removal from the ground.

Not all the snow needs to be removed from your roof to make sure the burden is lifted. Removing just some, particularly along the edges, is often adequate in decreasing enough weight and allowing room for the remainder to melt faster or slip off.

Stepping out onto a snow-covered roof is dangerous. Call a professional experienced in snow removal.

Be Prepared

To ride out the winter months and any amount of snowfall that comes your way, it is advisable that you have the proper tools, such as a roof rake, at hand. Often when experiencing extreme storms, local merchants will literally run out of the equipment homeowners need to keep their roofs and homes safe. Delays in merchants getting resupplied may cost you precious time. Adding snow preparedness to your annual fall tasks is a good idea that will bring you peace of mind.

If you are at all unsure of the age or condition of your roof, confer with a professional before the snow flies.

How Much Snow Is Too Much for Your Roof

This can be a tough question and sometimes, is best left to a roofing professional. Lots of variables go into determining the right answer:

  • Age and condition of roof
  • Amount of snow
  • Weight and depth of snow (light and fluffy or heavy with moisture)
  • Interior doors that stick signal trouble
  • Pitch of roof
  • Type of roofing material (metal, asphalt, rubber, tile)
  • Sun exposure to assist in melting

If you are concerned about snow or ice compromising the structural integrity of your roof and home, don’t hesitate to call us at 207.273.1111 for an on-site inspection and remediation to prevent damage to your property and potential risk to your family’s safety. Heat tape installation on eaves, gutters and valleys can provide preventative defense against an abundance of snow and ice.

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