When Should I Remove Snow From My Roof?

Posted on February 24, 2020 · Posted in Roof Maintenance, Roofing Education

As the winter months bring on the snow, you may be wondering what you should do with the mounds of it building on your rooftop. Many factors contribute to when you should remove snow from your roof, including the age of the structure and the weight of the snow. It’s always a good idea to turn to a professional for snow removal from a roof instead of trying to do it on your own, though. Here’s some insight to keep in mind.

Remove Snow Properly

You don’t want to climb on your roof for any type of snow removal. Rather, if you plan to do this on your own, you should use a roof rake. You should never climb on your roof to remove the snow.

So, When Should You Use Roof Rake?

If you have time to remove the snow frequently, that’s ideal. However, it’s best to ensure you’re removing it as it gets to be six inches or so (sometimes more or less depending on how heavy of a snow it is). A foot of snow can put up to 15 pounds per square foot of pressure on your roof. That’s a lot of additional weight from the snow for your roof to hold. If it is wet, heavy snow that’s been compacted by the elements, it’s possible that it may even weigh more than that. In this case, removing the snow in a timely manner is important.

Another problem that can arise without timely snow removal is a roof slide. That means all of that heavy snow can fall onto your gutters or down on top of your driveway, vehicles, or even on a person. More so, unless you use a roof rake properly, the snow and ice can slide down and may land on you.

What if You Can’t Remove the Snow on Your Own?

The best option is to turn to a company like Horch Roof for snow removal. The cost to have a professional remove the snow is far better than the cost to repair the roof damage that this additional weight can cause. When possible, hiring an experienced professional like Horch Roofing to handle this work is optimal.

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