Reinvesting in Your Home with a New Roof

Posted on April 28, 2015 · Posted in Roof Maintenance

With spring in the air, many people are weighing the pros and cons of renovations, remodels, and repairs to their homes. A new roof, one of the leading spring/summer home improvement projects, can be a worthwhile investment and increase your home’s value.

If you’ve had to patch your roof at any time, especially during the wet fall or harsh winter, you need to consider a new roof. Once a roof starts leaking or loses shingles, the odds of continued damage increase dramatically. When a roof starts leaking, it damages the exterior of the home and compromises the interior structure. If you put off roofing your house, water could damage your attic, ceilings, and even furniture.

Investing in a new roof has many advantages. If the homeowner plans to sell the home within the next five years, the added marketability a newer roof can lead to a quicker sale. Many factors go into figuring the value of a new roof, but generally, it adds between 15 percent and 40 percent to the house’s value. This rough estimate depends on several conditions.

  • If the homeowner’s plan includes listing the property for sale, a new roof will make it easier for buyers to get mortgage approval, especially if they are seeking a government loan, like FHA or VA loans.
  • An upgrade from a shingle roof to a solar roof can save money. While the initial investment in a solar roof can be expensive, newer solar technology equates to using much less electricity. Solar shingles look just like regular shingles, so there are no unsightly bulging solar panels on the roof. An investment in this type of roof will save the homeowner thousands in energy bills.
  • The style of a new roof can add curb appeal, which adds value to the home.
  • Even if you choose to go the traditional roof route, a new roof that has adequate insulation and is made from energy-efficient materials will save on utility costs. A new roof prevents hot air from escaping as it rises to the attic or crawl space.
  • While a new roof cuts energy use, it also reduce’s your home’s carbon footprint and protects the environment.

As a homeowner, the upkeep and improvements you make to your home, your biggest asset, only increase the value. Your house will gain value once you repair any damage caused by leaks. It’s worthwhile to add a new roof to preserve the integrity, safety, and efficiency of your home. At Horch Roofing (, the professional roofers can assess, repair, or replace your roof in a timely and cost effective manner.