My Roof Has a Leak: What Now?

Posted on September 4, 2019 · Posted in Roofing Education

Do you have a roof leak around a vent?

Perhaps you are not sure what is happening, but there’s now water in your attic, living room or garage. If you have a roof leak, which is often evident right after a rainstorm, don’t climb on your roof. Instead, call Horch Roofing for fast service.

Look for Signs of a Roof Leak

Many times, homeowners don’t recognize the initial signs of a roof leak and find themselves dealing with a much bigger problem as the leak worsens. Here are some tips to help you spot and handle a problem.

Finding the Leaks

Leaks often occur where there are seams or gaps in the roofing material. Roofs leak most commonly around obstructions like chimneys, skylights, bathroom or kitchen vents, vent pipes, or where a roof meets a wall. A roof leak at the vent pipe can also occur. If you can tell where the leak is, let your roofer know.

Full Leak Detection Is Important

Just because there is one area with a leak doesn’t mean it is the only area where there’s a problem. Full roof leak detection by an insured professional is critical. Our team will inspect all areas for signs of damage so that the most effective solution is applied. Roof leak repair cost is much lower than a full replacement, which is why this type of inspection is recommended annually.

Learn the Solutions Available

It’s never wise to try to repair roof leaks on your own. However, once you spot them, you should give our team a call for help. A temporary repair may be available to help minimize the initial damage. However, it is also important to consider long-term repairs:

  • Patching may be an option for a small, isolated case.
  • Area repairs may be necessary if the underlayment is damaged, but the rest of the roof is okay.
  • Roof replacement or reroofing the structure may be the better option when significant damage is present, especially when it comes to long-term protection.

The best and fastest roof leak fix is to call Horch Roofing. We offer a leak-repair service that’s fast and competitively priced to solve your problem. Take a minute to contact our team now to learn more about getting a roof leak repaired.