Metal Roof Durability and Energy-Efficiency Worth The Extra Cost

Posted on August 20, 2015 · Posted in Metal Roofing, Roof Maintenance

For anyone thinking about getting a new roof, a metal roof is a cost-efficient option that some homeowners and business owners haven’t even considered. While some might think that a metal roof would be noisy or might rust, there are a lot of myths and preconceived notions about metal roofs. Consider these options to help make this wise investment:

Metal Roofs are Safer than Shingles and Asphalt

While some might be concerned about things like lightning strikes, on the contrary, a metal roof does not raise the risk of lightning strikes to a home or office. If a home or business were to be hit by a lightning bolt, the roof would dissipate the electricity safely.

Homeowners may also be concerned about noise when sleet or ice hits the roof, but it’s actually a quieter sound because a metal roof isn’t a thin layer of tin, but has a layer that helps to reduce the noise from the impact of precipitation.

The Benefits of having a Metal Roof

A metal roof is a worthwhile investment. Because these rooftops can last a lifetime, they can increase a home’s value. A metal roof will last much longer than an asphalt roof that might need to be replaced every 10 – 20 years because of harsh weather conditions. Metal roofs on the other hand, can last for up to 50 years because of their steel components and durability.

Is a metal roof the right choice for your roof?

Metal roofing helps to eliminate snow and ice build up on your roof in the winter. When the snow and ice is naturally removed by gravity this can free up your home from the risk of ice damming. However, there is a possibility of the falling ice or snow damaging decks, railings, plantings or vehicles. Please consult a roofing professional to determine if your home and property is a good fit a new metal roof on your home.

Energy Efficiency and Warranties

Metal roofs are energy efficient and can reflect heat away from a home or business in the summertime and serve as added insulation in the winter months. With a metal roof, the savings are quickly seen in lower energy bills. Metal roofs have longer warranties that may extend 30 to 50 years Speak with your contractor about the types of metal roof warranties they have.

Getting an Estimate

For homeowners and business owners who are ready to get an estimate, the first step is to speak to a roofing contractor or specialist who can see the style roof that the homeowner or business owner has and take measurements to determine the shape and pitch. To schedule an appointment for an estimate, contact Horch Roofing today, (207) 273-1111.