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Find Your Next Job at Horch Roofing

Posted on September 20, 2019 · Posted in Why Horch Roofing?

Are you looking for a job that keeps you busy, pays well, and prepares you for a long-term career in one of the most in-demand industries? Get to know Horch Roofing. We’re hiring as our company continues to grow, and our team is looking for others who want to help us meet the needs of the community.

Why Is Working for Horch Roofing So Desirable?

If you’re looking for roofing jobs that offer the benefits you need and the respectful workplace you desire, check out our roofing jobs in Maine. Take a look at some of the benefits we offer:

Competitive Pay: We start general laborers at $15 an hour. However, experience equals better pay. If you have roofing experience, you can expect us to offer pay commensurate with your experience.

Benefits: We offer competitive benefits for our team members including medical, dental, eye, disability, and life insurance plans.

Advancement Training: If you don’t meet the roofing job requirements for the most advanced positions, that’s OK. Our team provides training.

Paid Holidays: Along with a competitive salary, we also provide paid holidays so you can spend more time with your family.

Vacation Time: Vacation time is available as well to our established team members. We want you to work hard, but also to enjoy a high quality of life.

Profit-Sharing: Team members may become eligible for profit sharing. Our success depends on your ability to provide exceptional workmanship. We’re happy to share profits with proven employees.

Performance Incentives: Unlike other roofing job leads, we pay attention to how hard you are working and care about your well-being. Expect performance incentives for those who stand above the crowd.

Room for Growth and Promotions: Move up in the industry with promotions that showcase your skill and experience. As a growing company, we routinely promote team members and give them opportunities to advance.

Is this the career for you? It can be a rewarding career path for those who love to get a bit dirty and want to build some solid connections in the industry.

Think a Career with Horch Roofing Is Right for You?

We’re committed to helping you succeed. Learn more about how we’ll help you succeed with a roofing job within our company. Contact our team today at 207-273-1111.