Is Your Work Crew Insured?

Posted on May 2, 2019 · Posted in Supporting Our Customers

Whether there are roof repairs necessary or you need a new roof installed, who you hire matters.

Did you know that you may be responsible for the financial losses suffered at your property if an uninsured roofer worked on your home? To avoid that, be sure to hire insured contractors to handle any of the work around your property.

Knowing Your Needs – Why You Hold Responsibility

Though your property’s liability insurance is likely to cover the losses from an injury sustained to an uninsured roofer, you simply do not want to have this be a concern. A roofer’s insurance claim of this type can cost you thousands of dollars out-of-pocket, especially if your insurance limitations are met. At Horch Roofing, we make safety our number one priority for the sake of our employees as well as our customers. Not only are we fully insured, but our employees are all trained in the proper safety procedures of roofing. We also require that all of our employees on the roof are harnessed, and all employees on the ground are wearing hardhats.

How to Learn If a Company Is Insured

When it comes to insurance, roofing contractors should tell you what type of coverage they have. They should have coverage that follows them to any job site to provide work for the type of tasks they do. As a homeowner, you can call the roofing company’s insurance provider to verify that the coverage will be in effect during the time period that its employees will be working on your project.  You can feel confident hiring Horch Roofing, since all of our employees are covered by our workers’ compensation policy, and we carry $1 million dollars of liability insurance provided through Allen Insurance & Financial to cover you during the project. That way, our workers are covered, and so are you.

Why It Matters Beyond the Cost

In addition to the insurance coverage that we provide to you, the training and safety practices we provide to all of our employees add peace of mind in terms of education and preparation. Not only do we provide full insurance coverage, but we also make safety part of our training to minimize any risks. We provide specific training to all of our employees on a monthly basis that covers areas such as safe lifting procedures, fall protection, and ladder safety.

Hiring an Insured Contractor Doesn’t Have to be Hard

If you need to have your roof repaired, only hire a trusted and experienced company. At Horch Roofing, our team is fully insured, so you never have to worry about the risk to you. With years of experience and a dedication to safety and superior workmanship, you can depend on Horch Roofing for all of your roofing needs.

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