Keep Your Low Pitch Roof protected

Posted on March 21, 2016 · Posted in EPDM/ Rubber Roofing, Roof Maintenance

Many homes and businesses have a low pitch roof. These roofs are not as steep as roofs on traditional homes. Using a lower pitch may provide certain aesthetic or architectural benefits for the structure.

However, when a roof has a lower pitch, rain and snow do not drain as quickly. This can lead to standing water and gathered debris. If left unattended, this can cause damage to the roof and underlying structure. In order to keep your low pitch roof in prime condition, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect it.

The first step is maintenance. All roofs needs to be maintained with regular inspections from certified professionals. Because roofs with a low pitch are prone to problems, inspections should be completed every year or two. It is also worth checking the roof out after any major storm or a particularly wet winter. Residents in Maine should be especially diligent about scheduling their inspections. After all, a Maine roof endures a great deal of wear and tear each year. Due to the amount of snow in the winter and rain in the fall and spring, a Maine roof with a low pitch is more likely to develop leaks.

An inspection will look at the condition of the roof. Problems uncovered by an inspection might require replacing shingles or other parts. Skilled workers who can recognize issues before they become real problems should complete this maintenance. Gutters should be cleaned regularly, and it is important to make sure that water and snow drain properly throughout the structure. Debris should be cleared away to prevent any blockages.

Even with regular low pitch roof maintenance, problems are still likely to arise. This is why EDPM roofing is a good option for a low pitch roof. EDPM roofing is specially designed for flat roofs. Unlike traditional shingles, EDPM relies on a rubber membrane. This membrane provides a protective layer, which can deter the effects of water and snow over a longer period of time. EDPM is an excellent choice for any flat roof, including porches and dormers. Even when water shields are added beneath shingles, EDPM roofing is a superior choice, offering better protection and a longer lifespan than shingles.

Horch Roofing offers the best service for low pitch roof maintenance. If you have a low pitch or flat roof, you need to have it inspected to keep it in prime condition. Horch Roofing can offer maintenance options and provide EDPM installation to improve the overall functionality of your roof. To learn more about low pitch roof solutions, contact Horch Roofing.