Horch Roofing ramps up recycle program with new waste collection equipment

Posted on September 10, 2015 · Posted in Recycling

Horch Roofing, Midcoast Maine’s largest roofing company, has taken a new step in its waste material recycling efforts with the purchase of a 27-foot long waste transport trailer with 40 cubic yards of hauling capacity.

Since 2010, Horch Roofing has been committed to recycling 100% of its roofing material waste. The decision came after President; Peter Horch discovered that an area used to store roofing waste at the local transfer station had become a massive mountain of waste over a few short years.

“That mountain is never going to go away. It will be there until my great-grandchildren are living here. And I thought, ‘I just don’t want to do it anymore,’” said Horch.

Recycling has since become an important part of the culture at Horch Roofing’s location in Warren, Maine.

The new trailer will allow the company to quickly transport larger loads of roofing waste to a holding pit at the company’s location until it can be transported by Doug Fales Selective Cutting, another local contractor, to CPRC Group, a company in Scarborough that converts waste into recycled products.

John Adelman, CEO of CPRC Group, explains that the roofing debris is first “source separated.” During this process, a large magnet is used to separate the metal nails from the asphalt shingles. The nails are then cleaned and sent to the metal market. The shingles are ground up and combined with other recycled products to become a recycled aggregate that can be used on roads, parking lots and other locations in a way similar to crushed gravel.

Horch Roofing is now a regular participant in CPRC Group’s Ton-to-Ton exchange program. For every ton of roofing debris turned in, the company receives back one ton of the reclaimed material in the form of crushed and recycled aggregate, also known as “C&R.” Horch has already put the C&R to good use in the company’s driveway and parking lot and reports that it has prevented a muddy spring driveway and dramatically cut down on the rain runoff that he typically sees.

To date, Horch Roofing has recycled over six million pounds of roofing waste material that would have otherwise ended up in a transfer station; something that every Horch Roofing employee is proud of.

Learn more about the Reroof and Recycle program at https://horchroofing.com/reroof-recycle/

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