How Horch Roofing Experts Walk you through the Process of Roof Installation

Posted on April 14, 2016 · Posted in Roof Maintenance

Before installing a new roof, our roofing specialists search for leaks, explain strategies for recycling old roofs, evaluate the lifespan of each product, analyze a roof’s effect on the environment and indicate the duration of every project. Our business website contains countless photographs of roofs that we have installed and a list of testimonials.


CameraZOOM-20140725111219218Remove the Old Roof

Before tearing off the roof’s shingles, our specialists determine the duration of this part of the project and the cost of removing the old roof. We also explain how we recycle shingles and felt. Generally, our company can extract all worn roof debris within two days of the project’s start.

Find Leaks

By evaluating the condition of the old shingles, inspectors can identify the sections of roof that frequently contain puddles of water, excess snow or icicles. Subsequently, we provide a list of products that help prevent buildups of moisture. You can also implement strategies that help reduce the risk of leaks.

Protect Your Home001 (2)

While our Maine roofing company works on your project, we utilize durable tarps and wooden panels that can waterproof your house. These covers also stop old shingles from scratching the siding or hitting windows.

Install New Boards

If the roof’s wooden panels have become weak, our experienced specialists will determine the amount of weight each board can handle and the lifespan of the wooden panels. If required, we can install new boards with a thickness of 1-3 centimeters.

Select FeltIMG_0823

Once moisture seeps underneath thin felt, ice can rapidly expand during the winter months and as a result, small cracks may form in the shingles. To prevent moisture from accumulating, our Maine roofing company can add guards that consist of rubber and various types of asphalt. We are also able to install thick felt that is especially resistant to water and ice.

Choose Vents for the Ridges

Vents may substantially reduce energy costs and lower an attic’s average temperature. They can also extend the lifespan of wooden panels by decreasing moisture. These vents feature sealants that easily withstand heavy rain and screens that prevent animals from entering the attic.

Explain Warranties and a Roof’s Lifespan

When providing customer service, our experts thoroughly explain prorated warranties for roofs and evaluate factors that could potentially void a guarantee, as well as the types of damage that a warranty covers. Additionally, we commonly specify the average lifespan of each component such as flashing, edges that consist of aluminum, snow guards, gutters and roofs that are made of asphalt.

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Founded in 2003, Horch Roofing is able to install metal, asphalt, traditional shingle or rubber roofs. Each project generally takes three days to five days. If you need additional information or would like a free roof evaluation, please complete our company’s contact form or call us at 207-273-1111.