Don’t Make These Five DIY Roofing Mistakes

Posted on December 17, 2019 · Posted in Roofing Education

While you may be looking for do-it-yourself roofing installation methods and shingles, consider the potential pitfalls before diving into a DIY roof project. Making any of these common mistakes can be very costly.

Roofing DIY vs. Professional – Avoid These Mistakes

Remember these roofing DIY tips before you begin any project of your own.

  1. Not Installing Shingles Properly
    Are you nailing shingles into place? Are you sure that’s what the manufacturer recommends? A very common problem for DIY installation is not following manufacturer recommendations for installation. Doing so protects your warranty.
  2. Not Venting Properly
    Another key concern has to do with proper venting. It’s important that the air in the upper ceilings and attic has a way to vent out, ensuring there is no build-up of heat. If you don’t vent the roof properly, this can cause extensive damage over time. A number of roof venting options are available, but choosing the right one is not always easy to do.
  3. Ice Dam Prevention
    Not preventing ice dams can be a very expensive mistake to make. There are several ways to do so, including improving ventilation and insulation of your roof as well as installing the right type of roofing material. Standing seam metal roofing, for example, can help minimize this risk.
  4. Not Managing Skylights
    Skylights may allow beautiful light into your home, but they also create high risks of moisture buildup and damage during the roofing repair process. If you plan to add them, use a professional who can minimize any risks of damage to the roofing structure or the windows themselves. When skylights are already in place, make sure they are watertight and in good overall repair.
  5. Flashing Installation Mistakes
    Another common concern has to do with the flashing, particularly the metal valley flashing. This is the metal protection placed along valleys, or areas where two sections of the roof come together. Mistakes with flashing installation can lead to costly problems for years to come.

Roofing DIY or Hire? Which Is Right for You?

Is roofing a DIY job? The answer is often simply, no. Not only do you want to ensure the work is done properly, but you want the company to stand behind the workmanship it provides. That’s why we recommend contacting Horch Roofing for a free quote and skipping the roofing DIY installation risks.