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Does the Color of My Roof Impact Performance?

Posted on February 21, 2019 · Posted in Roofing Education

The color of your roof can be a key factor to consider when installing a new one.

While aesthetics are important, color also can define just how energy-efficient your home is. When selecting a roofing material, consider what it needs to do. Most importantly, it needs to protect the home from weather conditions and lock out moisture. However, the type of material you choose, and more importantly, the color of that material, can also play a role in your home’s efficiency.

When Is a Light-Colored Roof Ideal?

In warmer climates, the goal is to reflect the sun’s rays away from the home. In Southern states, for example, this works well to help minimize the amount of heat absorbed by the rooftop material, thus keeping your home cooler. Some materials are able to reflect as much as 75% of the heat from the sun. As a result, it moves heat away from the home, causing your home’s air conditioner to have to work less often. This reduces energy consumption and lowers your bills.

When Should You Consider a Darker Roof?

When used in colder climates, however, these light-colored roofs can be somewhat troublesome. They may reflect too much of the sun’s warmth away from your roof during the winter months when you want to use the sun as much as possible to heat your home more thoroughly. A darker colored roof in colder climates, then, may be more beneficial. In Midcoast Maine, since there’s less use of air conditioners and more use of heating units, in order to reduce energy consumption, you may want to focus on a darker roof.

Darker roofs pull in the heat from the sun and absorb the light instead of reflecting it away, which helps to melt any snowpack on the roof.

What About the Solar Reflective Value of the Roof?

When choosing a roofing material for your home, you need to determine which material offers the best fit for your needs. One way to do this is to consider the solar reflectance index of the roofing material. This specifically shows how reflective a roof surface is, allowing you to choose between those that are ideal for warmer or cooler climates. Many roof manufactures are providing this information because it can be a solid selling point for many property owners.

Considering Your Options

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