DIY Gutter Repair: Not a Good Idea

DIY Gutter Repair: Not a Good Idea

Posted on November 20, 2018 · Posted in Gutters

For people who are skilled and experienced at home maintenance, there are a number of home improvement and repair projects that can be safely and efficiently handled by homeowners, but roofing and gutter work is not one of them. First, the risk of personal injury is just not worth it. Falls from ladders result in a lot of bodily harm and high medical bills and often result in a fatality. As your most likely largest lifetime investment, your home is important. Don’t take chances on doing the gutter installation or gutter repair as an amateur, as it could damage your home’s structure, and/or impact the value of your residence.

Gutter repairs are definitely an area where you should rely strictly on professionals.

In addition to the risk of injury and costly damage to your home, there are several other reasons why installing seamless rain gutters is not a job to tackle on your own:

  • It’s not as easy as it looks. While not recommended, (for the same reasons) it is one thing to get atop a ladder to scoop out debris from a gutter; but you never know what you may find up there. Things like holes, mold, animals, or bugs could be present. A trained professional knows how to deal with complications. Considering the subtleties of setting gutters on a pitch to assure they carry rain in the right direction and away from your home, is a task the average homeowner is not experienced in doing.
  • The cost of doing gutter work yourself may seem appealing, but after you factor in all the trips to the hardware store for the right equipment, tools, and other supplies, one’s savings can quickly evaporate. It is worth having a professional roofing company do the job because of the quality of work they bring to the table, and the gutter installation cost they can offer. Plus, gutters are actually pretty light and easy to damage and do not transport easily in the family van.
  • A professional roofer stocks quality material purchased in bulk that the average homeowner just doesn’t have access to, or at the same costs.
  • Today’s seamless gutters are specialty products offered only by professionals.
  • DIY work is not guaranteed or eligible for a warranty, but the work of a professional roofer is.

Types of Gutters

Gutters come in a variety of materials, such as copper, steel, aluminum, and vinyl. A professional can advise you on what is best for your home and also match the best system to your type of home. Again, these are tasks and experience more highly specialized than a homeowner typically possesses.

If it is time to replace or repair your home’s gutter system, contact Horch Roofing today for an estimate. As we head into the winter season, schedule an appointment to have your gutters cleaned and flushed to avoid debris build-up and back-up of snow and ice during the cold months.

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